Temperature quilt

I decided to start a temperature quilt. For years I wanted to make one but somehow I never seemed to have the right fabrics. But last summer I bought a Kona fabric pack in solids and some days ago it dawned on me that these fat quarters are perfect for a temperature quilt.

How about the weather here in Vienna? Rather warm temperatures for January – so I decided that I need just one fabric for zero and less degrees Celsius (which is 32 degrees or less in Fahrenheit) for my temperature quilt. And I’m really hoping that it will not get too hot during the summer – so also just one fabric for 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) and more. This is my selection – doesn’t it look great?

I will record only the highest temperature of each day as I want my quilt to be not too large. I will sew strips – 7 in a row which will show one week horizontally. Here are the first weeks

I’m really looking forward to this!