Pink Tint

Pink of all the colors! The second challenge of Project Quilting, Season 14 calls for pink!

Well, pink is really not my color. The only thing a can think of are little girls and unicorns (I know unicorns are white but they have a pink background). And there has to be a finished project – a postcard in my case – by the end of the week. In pink!

Reluctantly I gathered my pink scraps and tried to figure out something (without unicorns). No idea. I was on the verge of giving up thinking “it’s crazy to make a pink postcard”. And then it hit me. Yes! A crazy pink postcard!

I set to work. Crazy it should be with all the bells and whistles. So I sewed the crazy background, then played with the decorative stitches of my sewing machine (they all should be leaves), handquilted the flower in the center, and added some pink buttons I found in my stash.

The result is CRAZY PINK TINTS

Project Quilting runs til the middle of March and has six challenges. If you want to join more than 200 quilters you can play along here.


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