100 days – Week 6

Here are my latest leaves for the 100-days-project

If you are wondering what’s that all about – read my post here.


May is almost over. There were a lot of interesting things on the blog during this month:

The free Block of The Month 2021 has already 5 stars.

To avoid plastic I gave you a pattern for shopping bags.

I showed you how to trim half-square triangles

and as I really miss the buzz of quiltshows
I found a video about Quilt Week in Paducah and
I went back in time and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles with a lot of quilts – all inspired by the number 40.

I hope you had as much fun and inspiration as I had.

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See you in June!


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100 Days – Week 4

My leaves for the 100-days-project for this week:

What I learned so far:
I like freehand cutting the leaves.
Sewing a leaf per day seems like a small thing to do but it isn’t. I’m thinking about leaves, looking at them and collecting them on my walk with the dog. So the leaves are always on my mind.

If you are wondering what’s that all about – read my post here.


The 100 Days Project

For years now I’m discussing with myself if I should participate in the 100 days project. It’s about committing yourself to 100 days of doing something – painting a picture, cooking a soup, sketching a flower, … And of course a lot of quilters take part. The project usually starts in April but this year it was advanced to end of January. It’s a great way to work in series and to grow in whatever you are doing.

The last years I always had an idea about what to do but my inner monkey always told me about to much work, about not being able to finish and about a lot of other reasons not to start it. And in 2021, as in all the other years, I did not take part but looked at all the great projects on Instagram (#the100daysproject2021) with envy. I especially love the project of Wendy Gratz who does a patchwork bird every day (@wendygratz).

So today – without much thinking – I decided to do the 100 days project as well. As today is day 101 of the year it’s a good starting point with the project running from day 101 to day 200.

I wanted something easy and fast, something with one theme but different possibilities. And I chose leaves. One leaf each day. 100 leaves that may or may not end up in a quilt.

This is my first leaf

Each day I will post the leaf to my Instagram account (@thequiltingspace) and each Sunday there will be on overview of the week’s leaves here on the blog. Wish me luck and persistence.