That didn’t go as planned

The last few days I was happily sewing along on my English paper piecing project (see last post). Finally I had all six parts and laid them out for joining into the final block.

And I realized that I don’t like it. It’s too dull, not yellow enough. I tried to persuade myself to finish the block telling myself that o one will notice in the final quilt. But I’m kind of a perfectionist (especially when I put a lot of work into it) so I removed the paper templates and started the block with other fabrics.

I like it a lot better now! Although the picture doesn’t really show it is a lot more yellow now.

The low contrast in the piece is exactely what I want to achieve. At a first glance you should only see a yellow block and only if you look closer you should realize that there is a pattern.

On the positive side – I secured the end of the stichting lines with locking backstitches as Katja Marek suggests. But I wasn’t too sure if they work. I tried to unsew some stitches on a discarded piece and now I know that those backstitches are really secure.

I will keep track of the sewing time for this project – the first discarded block took me 3 hours.


Stashbuster attempt

Yesterday I had a few hours to myself and what’s a quilter gonna do … roaming the Internet, looking at beautiful quilts, reading long neglected blogs and getting a lot of inspiration.

And then I stumbled across this quilt by Canadian quilter Katja Marek.

What a beauty!

Coincidentally I was thinking about sewing a color wheel quilt in the last few weeks. And about a stashbuster project to get rid of (at least) some of my scraps. This quilt just seems to be the perfect solution.

So I bought the corresponding book by Katja Marek which is her second one. And as I liked the blocks in her first book a little bit better I also bought that one. So two new books with a total of 104 blocks for English paper piecing.

I think I will only do the star with its six parts in yellow, green, blue, purple, red and orange. And I have the best intentions to only use my stash (but I can’t promise).

Yesterday evening I raided my yellow stash and printed out the pattern pieces for the first block. I already cut them out. Now I need to iron the scraps and then I’m looking forward to relaxing hours on my balcony with my EPP star.


Blockhead #7

“Game Board” by Lisa Bongean

There might be brave quilters who tackle the 4½ inches block but for me it was 9 inches.

The block reminds me less of a game board and more of the Tetris game on one of my first mobile phones. Anyways – it was fun to sew.

Here‘s the blog post where you will find the pdf pattern. And as always – go to the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group for further information and inspiration.


Blockhead #5

“Two of Five” by Barbara Groves

is this week’s block. For me it’s a traditional “Hole in the Barndoor” block but when I read the instructions I came upon Barbara’s explanation: Two of Five? Where did that name come from? This is Mary’s favorite quilt block and she calls it a Shoo Fly. I’ve always called it a Churn Dash. We decided on Two of Five – Mary and I are two of five sisters!” So the name makes perfect sense! Isn’t it interesting how many names one simple block can have?

If you want the pdf pattern click here and if you want to sew along join the Moda Blockheads Facebook Group where you will find the new block each week.