BOM 2021: STAR #3


This is a fast and easy star. So you can either relax with one star or make a whole quilt with a lot of them.

Cut (all measurements include ¼ inch (0,75 cm) seam allowance)
4 squares 3 x 3 inches (8,75 x 8,75 cm) in yellow,
4 squares 3 x 3 inches (8,75 x 8,75 cm) in lightblue and
4 squares 3 x 3 inches (8,75 x 8,75 cm) in darkblue (background fabric)
Cut each of these 12 squares diagonally to get 24 triangles.

Cut 4 squares 2¾ x 2¾ inches (7,5 x 7,5 cm) in darkblue

Join the triangles to get squares again. Sew
4 squares lightblue-darkblue,

4 squares yellow-darkblue

and 4 squares yellow-lightblue.

Press and cut off the dog ears.

Lay out the star as shown on the picture below.

Tipp: Do this layout as close to your sewing machine as possible so can take the pieces, sew them together and put them back at the appropriate place so that the pieces don’t get mixed up.

Sew the squares together to make 4 rows,

then join the rows.

Take 4 of the strips 11 x 1 inches (28 x 2,5 cm) that you cut from the background fabric previously (see introduction to the BOM here) and sew 2 of them to opposite sides of your block. They are a little bit too long – shorten them to the block size. Sew the 2 remaining strips to the other sides of the block and shorten if necessary. Finished!

As I told you – fun, fast and easy.

If you just found this BOM you can find the general instructions and the previous stars on the Free BOM 2021 page on top.

I would love to see your finished star-blocks. Please post them in the comments at TheQuiltingSpace’s Facebook page, tag me on Instagram @thequiltingspace and/or use the hashtag #thequiltingspace.

See you in April for star #4.


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