Too late! I’m too late!

Yes I really felt like the White Hare in “Alice in Wonderland” when this morning I discovered that there is a challenge called
Project Quilting which is in season 13 and calls for a quilt in “All The Colors!”
That is exactely made for me. A lot of colors in one quilt is what I like the most.

But the rules told me that I could only link up a finished (really finished) quilt and that that had to be in the next 7 hours. Well, I’m an optimist.

So I started to pull out fabric after fabric till I remembered that I have these wonderful fat quarters of hand dyed fabric by Starr Design.

It took quite some time to convince myself that it is ok to cut into these beauties.

I auditioned background fabric. My usual color to go is black but that seemed a little bit harsh. So I went for this middledark grey.

Lunch break gave me time to think the whole thing over which resulted in “Why grey!” “Why not only colors?” Back into the closet went the grey. I started to cut squares and stripes

and started to sew.

Yes I’m an optimist but usually there comes the point when realism sets in. 2 hours before the link-up closed I realized that there is no way this will become a finished quilt. Not even all the blocks will be finished. So I slowed down, gave up on the link-up and enjoyed the sewing. My quilt will be finished in the next days (I hope) and it will be fun and no stress. Want to see it? Then check back here or go to my Instagram account.

BTW: If you want to join in here’s where all the information can be found


2 thoughts on “Too late! I’m too late!

  1. Love this! It’s ok that you didn’t finish – there’s always the next challenge 😉 Your start is stunning and I can’t wait to see what it becomes. The 2nd challenge goes up at noon CST on January 16th! Hope to see you again!

    • Thank you for your nice comment. I love this challenge as “color and even more color” is my absolut favorite. I’m really looking forward to finishing this miniquilt. Thank you for this challenge – what a start into a creative 2022.

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