A chat with Jane Sassaman

Everybody knows her and most of us admire her: Jane Sassaman. Her quilt “Willow” was selected as one the 100 best American quilts of the Twentieth Century.

Patricia Belyea and Victoria Stone of Okan Arts, a Seattle based business specializing in Japanese textiles hosted a Zoom-chat with Jane Sassaman and were so kind to publish the video on their website so that everyone can see it. Jane talks about her career, her studio and her way of creating. It’s an interesting insight into the artist’s life. Click here to see the video. If you scroll down on this page there even is a tour of Jane’s studio (together with some other interesting articles). And while you are there don’t forget to browse Okan Arts’ website, you can see and learn a lot there and you can buy the most beautiful fabric. Grab a cup of coffee and click on the link – you will have a wonderful time I promise.