A cover for your calendar

Are you a calendar nerd like I am? Every year beginning in October I spend a fair amount of time looking at calendars in shops and on the Internet. And each year I buy one or two new ones just because – nerd I told you! But I am always more interested in the interior of the calendar than in the look of the cover. Often they look rather plain on the outside.

So I decided that my calendar needs a cover showing my passion for fabrics. And especially for this cute fabric with colorful paw prints. This cover is so easy to do and just needs about half an hour. It’s a great way to give your calendar, your notebook, your sketchbook or a book you are giving as a present a new look. And you can even combine it with a corresponding bookmark.


And this is how to do it:

Measure the outside of your calender, don’t add any seam allowance at this point. Measure the complete width including backside, spine and frontside – a tape measure works best for this.

Add 1 inch (2 cm) to the width and to the height for seam allowance and cut 3 pieces with the seam allowance added from the chosen fabric. I did cut all three pieces from the paw print but you can use a contrasting color for the inside piece and/or the flaps.

If you want to make your cover softer cut a piece of batting in the same size.

Cut one piece of the fabric into two halves. My piece has a width of 28 cm (see measure tape in the first picture) and 2 cm of seam allowance which makes 30 cms. So I cut 2 pieces of 15 cms.

Fold each of these 2 cut pieces into half, right side out and iron them. These are your 2 flaps.

Lay out your piece of batting (if you use one). Lay the first piece of fabric (which is the outside of your cover) on the batting right side up. Lay the two flaps on the ends of the fabric and align the open ends with the end of the fabric (the scissors are just to show you where the flaps are positioned).

Put the last piece of fabric (which is the inside of the cover) on top, right side down. Pin all the layers together.

Sew around the cover leaving approximately 3 inches (8 cm) open in the middle of one of the long sides. Backstitch at the beginning and the end of the seam to secure the thread. Leave 10 inches (25 cm) of thread at the end of the seam.

Trim the batting almost to the seam and cut off the four corners. Be careful not to cut into the seam.

Carefully turn the right side of the cover out through the opening, iron and close the opening with hand stitches using the leftover thread.

Iron once more and put your calender, book, notebook or sketchbook into the new cover.


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