Patchwork Pillow for Mother’s Day

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. I hope you already have your present and the card for your  mother’s special day ready. But if not – don’t despair. Here’s a lovely throw pillow that can easily be done over the weekend. Get out your rotary cutter and raid your stash and soon you will have a pretty and self-made gift for your mom.

The finished pillow will measure 22 x 22 inches (50 x 50 cm).

All the measurements include a seam allowance of ¼ inch (0,75 cm).

If you are working in centimeters don’t compare to the measurements in inches (and vice versa). They are not the same because of the different pillow sizes available in the US and in Europe.

For the ninepatches you need
25 squares 2½ x 2½ inches (6 x 6 cm) in red and
20 squares 2½ x 2½ inches (6 x 6 cm) in green (or in whatever colors you choose).

For the flower patches you need
4 squares 6½ x 6½ inches (15 x 15 cm),
scraps in red, yellow and green for the flowers and
some fusible web if fusing is your preferred way of appliqué.

4 border strips (green for my pillow) 2½ x 23 inches (6 x 53 cm).

1 square 23 x 23 inches (55 x 55 cm) of thin batting
1 square 23 x 23 inches (55 x 55 cm) of thin cotton fabric

For the backside of the pillow 2 pieces 23 x 17 inches (55 x 42 cm).

And of course you need a pillow insert 22 x 22 inches (50 x 50 cm).

Make 5 ninepatches.

Download the pattern for the flower by clicking on the picture of the flower (left) and print it out. Check that your printer prints at ‘actual size’. Check that you like the size of the flower on your 6 ½ inch (15 cm) square but don’t forget that there’s a seam allowance all around the fabric. If you don’t like the size draw the flower a little bit smaller or larger (you might even add a leaf). Appliqué the flower in your favorite method.

Join the ninepatches and the flower blocks as seen in the picture above.

Sew two border strips on opposite sides of the pillow and shorten them to the right length. Join the other two border strips and shorten them as well.

Make a quilt sandwich out of the top, the thin batting and the thin cotton fabric. Quilt by hand or by machine (depending on your favorite method and even more so on the time available). I suggest to quilt at least in the ditch around the ninepatches and at the inside of the border strips. Cut the batting and the thin cotton fabric to the size of the top.

For the backside of the pillow measure your top and cut the 2 pieces 23 x 17 inches (55 x 42 cm) to the width of the top (that should be 22½ inches or 51 cm – a little bit smaller or bigger is ok as well).

On one 22½ inches (51 cm) side turn the edge ½ inch (1,5 cm) to the left side of the fabric, iron, turn another ½ inch (1,5 cm) and iron again. Machinstitch this seam. Do this on both backside pieces.

Layer top with right side up and the 2 pieces of the the backside left side up on top of it. Align the edges of the top and the backside pieces. The backside pieces will overlap in the middle – that’s where the seams are. Sew all around the outside of the pillow, backstitching at the beginning and the end. Turn the cushion right side out und put your pillow into your beautiful cover. Done!

I hope you like this idea for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

I would love to see your finished pillow. Please post them in the comments at TheQuiltingSpace’s Facebook page, tag me on Instagram @thequiltingspace and/or use the hashtag #thequiltingspace.

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