Time Management for Artists

I really love planning and I love planners even more. And I’m a huge fan of time management. This means that I own almost every time management book. Which made me realize that owning them and reading them and having all those beautiful, colorful planners doesn’t mean that you are managing your time. I am perfect in theoretical but not so in practical time management. But… whenever there is an incentive I’m ready to start anew.

So when I discovered this blogpost by Elizabeth Barton on “Time Management for Artists” I got out my planner and my pens and now I’m on my way to a perfectly organized life (I hope).

Head over to Elizabeth’s blog to read the article – there are a lot of good tips how to save time and get organized.

Time Management for Artists by Elizabeth Barton
Like everyone, I never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do. So I’ve come up with a Time Management checklist for myself to see if I can’t just squeeze a little more juice out of those 24 hours!! ………………………………….