Organization for Quilters

Are you spring cleaning?

Spring is really on its way here and some of us get the urge to clean their houses, their cars or their gardens. Well (fortunately) I don’t belong to this group of people but when the days get really long and the yellow sun is shining in the blue skies above green meadows I get the urge to start a new quilt with all these spring colors in it. And as I’m working my way through my stash in search for the right fabric I usually start to think that there must be a better solution to store my fabric and my thread (all in a tumble in a drawer at the moment), that the sewing table could look neater (cutting mat, fabric and sewing machine in one big heap), that the scissors and rotary cutters might be stored in a more organized way (thrown into a plastic container) and so on.

But I found the perfect book to get me and my sewing space more organized.

by Carolyn Wood

Carolyn Wood starts from scratch. In the first chapter she challenges the reader to analyze the reason for ones clutter and to decide what to keep and what to let go. Only then you are allowed to go out and purchase containers or shelfs.
This book covers every area of your quilting Wood talks about the storage of fabric, tools, Ufos, extra blocks, strips, scraps, and strings, thread and finished quilts and gives advice on furniture and lighting in the different areas of a quiltstudio. She tells how to organize your quilting books and patterns and even has a section on time management for quilters with a lot of different projects. And the best – Carolyn Wood even tells you how to maintain your new organization.
The book offers solutions for many different sized quilting spaces – from a space under a stairwell or in a closet to a whole room.
What I like most in this book is the feasibility of the projects. Carolyn Woods talks about giving yourself a timeframe (and not tackling everything at once) and reserving a budget for all the things you want (and sticking to it).
And then there are the pictures. Colorful, great pictures of organized sewing spaces – so inviting that you really want to start organizing your own space immediately.
So if you are thinking about spring cleaning why not tackle your sewing room first. This book is not brandnew but it still is a perfect guide.

Organizing solutions for every Quilter by Carolyn Wood
by C&T Publishing (ISBN 978-1-60705-196-1)
available at C&T Publishing as “print on demand” or as e-book (click here)
or at Amazon as paperback or for the Kindle (click here)


By coincidence I stumbled about some blogposts on how to organize your sewing space with many helpful tips:
Here a post about organizing a small sewing room
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Collected from quilters around the world these tips cover everything from room layout and furniture to lighting and tools.


So get inspired by all the tips and pictures. Maybe you even find some perfect solutions for yourself. But most of all – don’t forget to quilt!